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Full Version: Overall Spec?
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So far all I can see is framing information.  Where is the PHY described?  Are variable coding schemes supported?  Interleaving? Is it C4FM or some other modulation scheme?

Oz, N1OZ

of course writing such a spec will be an iterative process. I have some questions whose answers should go in the spec.

-what encoding of codec2 will be used ? 1400? 1600? Another one?

-packet switching might be more desirable than a stream. The cpu have ample abilities for buffering, and packets could be used to transfer some data, not just voice.

-did you have a look at the NPR system made by F4HDK? This is a 430 MHz si4463/ethernet modem, similar to my hn70ap. He has started the definition of a TDMA protocol that COULD converge with M17.
Codec2 at 3200bps is the default mode