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V/D & D/D modes - WX9O - 03-31-2021

How do we envision streaming data modes being used?

We cannot easily switch modes mid-stream right now because an LSF must be sent when switching modes.

What sort of data do we see being streamed at 1600bps or 3200bps?

RE: V/D & D/D modes - SP5WWP - 03-31-2021

Telemetry? Remote control?

RE: V/D & D/D modes - G4KLX - 03-31-2021

(03-31-2021, 05:22 PM)SP5WWP Wrote: Telemetry? Remote control?

The question Rob poses is an important one. If we were to switch from one mode to the other, the LSF which is going to be distributed over six frames will change. Does that mean that we mist constantly monitor the LSF after we have a successful decode, or is some other method used, or is the mode fixed for the duration of the transmission? I can see all sorts of problems with changing the mode during a transmission.