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Use of the DST field with M17 repeaters - G4KLX - 04-19-2021

With my M17 Gateway running off the back of the MMDVM Host, I am using that field to control linking and unlinking to reflectors. I follow the same general rules as D-Star with "M17-USA BL" kinking to the M17-USA reflector module B, "       U" for unlinking, "      E" for echo, and "      I" for information, which is currently unimplemented. This is fine so far. However what should be transmitted from the repeater?

Should the repeater map all incoming transmissions to the broadcast address on retransmission? Would this apply to network as well as local RF users? Will M17 radios only be sensitive to the users callsign and the broadcast address, or will they listen promiscuously?

It would be nice to nail this down soon, so that we don't get odd incompatibilities between implementations. Note that the above discussion does not cover what is sent over the network with M17 which is pretty well defined already.