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TR-9 BOM update - elms - 09-23-2020

The living document for BOM is managed on Google Drive: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1iioCD5AZkpevmx71UNSCe0JhTsAXo144GDY7p2LbVyY/edit?usp=sharing

I also put together mouser carts for all the parts with a few exceptions: The carts above are missing microphone, speaker, and standoffs.

TODO: I should feedback the mouser parts from the car into the main spreadsheet.

I should get my order today and start assembling. Always possible I missed something in consolidating to mouser.

RE: TR-9 BOM update - tarxvf - 10-06-2020

The carts are very convenient, thanks!

RE: TR-9 BOM update - elms - 10-06-2020

I still haven't verified via populating the boards. But I did realize that I don't have any connectors that are the correct size for the headers, so I'll have to either order some or use clips to program, etc. I'll revisit and probably add some connectors for the headers. I'll also probably start a thread to track assembling the boards.