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M17 hotspot with M17_ANL and Raspberry Pi
An M17_ANL can be used with Raspberry Pi to make a hotspot. Why RPi? Because it's widely available, cheap and popular. Also, it has an Ethernet connector and can be programmed using Python, C - virtually anything.
Instead of an RPi, can you just do this with an STM32F7 board? In the past, I've successfully used the Ethernet on an STM32F7 Nucleo-144 board with UDP.

IME, MCUs are generally easier to use if you're trying to get precise/consistent timing behavior, which might be useful if you ever want to support e.g. TDD or TDMA.
I have just edited my post Smile
Fair enough  Big Grin
So, if I wanted to build a radio capable of sending and receiving M17, trading off looks-pretty for easy-to-build, what would my options be?  ie: Is there a module can I buy off eBay or somewhere, wire it to a Pi, install your software, and start using?
73 de KR6ZY
Holy cats, is it this module:  ?  At $3.25 each?

The ADF7021 modules aren't quite so inexpensive!  $187 each!  :-D
73 de KR6ZY
The ADF chip itself costs less than 5 bucks. It requires just a few passives. Add a pcb from jlcpcb to that and you have an inexpensive alternative.

I think DB9MAT or his friend Florian Wolters can help us here. They know this chip well.

Quote:is it this module: ... ?  At $3.25 each?
Yeah, they are cheap. I have used some similar module (RFM26W) in the early prototype.

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