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Hello, my name is Stephan, I'm a radio amateur from Minnesota, USA. I have experience with electronics prototyping, some light embedded C programming, 3D printing, and PCB layout in kicad. I'm excited to contribute to this project any way that I can!

My name's Dan, and I'm a radio amateur from Albuquerque, NM, USA. I'm the lead developer for the QMesh Project (, which is developing a synchronized, flooded mesh using LoRa. I'm hoping that this mesh network scheme will allow for a rapidly self-healing mesh network that can stream data in support of voice. Basically, the end goal would be an alternative to FM voice where every radio (mobile, HT, repeater, etc.) can serve as a repeater.

I think our two projects have a lot in common -- we're both using/planning to use Codec2 as the vocoder, and we're both using STM32F7 MCU's for the protocol processing. There's probably a lot of opportunities for collaboration.

BTW -- I saw you made an QSO with someone in Ramsey, NJ. I grew up in that town.


-Dan Fay KG5VBY
Hi everybody,

My name is John from the Netherlands and i'm interested in electronics in general but mainly HAM related.Wink
Since 1992 i am licensed but i was active way before that. Repairing stuff is what i like the most but  a project once in a while is always good to re-focus at important things.
I think that DV is the future and this M17 project looks and sounds very lets start building...

Hello everyone!
I'm glad you are here, helping me out. I'm Wojciech and I have started this project a year ago. I really don't like the fact, that DMR uses anything proprietary. That's not a good thing for hams. We need an open standard (ok, DMR is one) along with an open hardware too. Let's make a solid digital system, made by hams, for hams!

73, SP5WWP

My name is Jeroen Vreeken, I am from The Netherlands and a ham: PE1RXQ
I have been working with radio linking software for a while now: see even in combination with codec2.
The repeater PI2EHV actually was the first to support freedv 2400B on its receiver besides analog FM.

I think M17 nicely matches my personal projects especially since it covers parts I never seem to have time for..
I would like to add support for it to my DML repeater linking system and I think M17 could use some things I created already.
- ETH_AR: a way to encode callsigns into 48bit Ethernet compatible addresses
- FPRS: A packet reporting system (a bit like APRS, but better ofcourse) for use on freedv data channels
- FreeDV data channel: I added the data channel code to freedv modes 2400A, 2400B and 800XA it allows an ethernet compatible data channel to be interleaved in voice data


My name is Mathis and I'm based in Berlin, Germany. I'm a DIY enthusiast and have quite some experience in KiCAD. Some of you probably know the MMDVM_HS_Hat ( that I designed.

I'm very much interested in this project as a fully open, DIY-able digital hand-held transceiver is something I dreamed about for quite some time Smile

Currently, I'm working on re-drawing the TR-9 schematics and board files in KiCAD and will probably do a few small changes, mainly to the power and audio system. I'll upload the KiCAD project to Github soon so that we can colaborate!

Best 73s,
Mathis, DB9MAT
Well, all the cool kids are introducing themselves, so I guess I should too!  :-)

Hello!  I'm Mark Smith, or Smitty, or @SmittyHalibut on Twitter.  KR6ZY.  I've been a ham since 1992 or so.  I'm a somewhat regular guest on the Ham Radio Workbench podcast, and have an accidental YouTube channel that I'm not good about posting to regularly.

I'm not a fan of AMBE (or any closed system) in Amateur radio, and have been thinking about modifying a hackable HT (eg: MD380) to do CODEC2 instead of AMBE, but I don't have the DSP skills, or the time to develop them, to make that happen.  Like most of you, I got very excited when I read about M17 and came right over to read about it.

I'm currently working on the on-air protocol for M17, trying to make it both flexible and efficient.
73 de KR6ZY
Hi everyone,

My name is Jan, and I'm a HAM originally licensed in England (M0NIT). I'm interested in digital radio comms, and have been looking for something that speaks the Codec2 for a while. I'd love to get involved in this in some capacity. So I can design PCBs (but do not have extensive experience in electronics or RF design), can write embedded software (as a hobbyist, so looking to learn more about this space), can do general backend/devops stuff if needed. I don't have any experience in doing DSP, but would be willing to learn if required.

73 de M0NIT
Hi everybody,

My name is Niko, 20ty years old. I have a callsign since I was 15teen.
I'm interested in electronic design(this also includes RF design). I'm kind to learn a verilog, and practical FPGA design soon.
Now I work on a new version of M17_ANL in Kicad and want to release it soon on M17 forum.
I'm also improving my C programming skills.
In my opinion it's an amazing chance to connect many of our passions - ham radio,
radioelectronics, programming, communication protocols, open source movement and others!
I hope project we work on will be better alternative to commercial digital systems, at least for radioamateurs!

73! de SO3ALG
Hello all! I'm Chris KD9KJV from Wisconsin. I'm a long-time web developer who's just getting into electronics and amateur radio (licensed since 2018). I'm very interested in learning more about radio electronics, microcontrollers, and similar. This sounds like a great project.

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