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my name is Thomas and I'm located in Berlin, GERMANY. I'm interested in this project because in my opinion ham-systems should be free of any patents or closed algorithms! Therefore AMBE is not the right codec for us. I also support codec2 by David Rowe and have tested it with two of his SM1000.

To my background: I'm sysop of the 23cm FM-repeater DB0BLN, located in JO62NK on a telecomunication tower 220m above sea level. This repeater is wire-linked to the 70cm and 2m repeaters DB0SP. All of theese use a very special digital addition called STT ( which uses a -26dB subtone of 35Hz modulated in 4-dpsk (specially shaped) to send ham related data (call, time, location, frequency, weather, text-messages, and other telemetry) at a rate of 70bps or in advanced mode in 140bps. One major aspect is that there is no interference with the user-audio! It works fairly good down to a -120dBm RX-level (see video on my homepage). Because of the low data rates a very compact coding was necessary. A special designed 2m-TRX for STT called SuSE is published in the german ham-journal FUNKAMATEUR 12/2015, page 1320-1323 and 01/2016, page 53-57. Currently a compatible 23cm version is under construction and for the repeater-cluster a STT-gateway to YSF and POCSAC. But unfortunately I've got only 24h hours a day too Wink

I would like to help bringing the m17-project to success.

73 de Thomas, DC7GB
Hi folks!
My name is Eligiusz, I live in Warsaw. I haven't callsign yet, but I am HAM radio enthusiast since I remember. I work as an electronics designer and bare metal programmer. When I've heard about m17 for the first time, I realize this project has a great potential to replace DMR, so I try to support design as good as I can. I think, that everyone of us will have a chance to learn something intresting by working on M17 project.

  I'm a Mechanical Engineer & Computer Science graduate, currently working as a Tool & Die maker / Machinist in Connecticut, USA. I am an open source enthusiast and I think M17 resolves a lot of my reservations with DMR. I think I can help with the 3D Printing and CAD/CAM aspects of this project, so just let me know how I can help!

I'm a Linux system admin that was a Data System Tech in the U.S. Navy.  Belong to a local Makerspace (FamiLAB) that is the greater Orlando area and have interests in Ham radio, basic electronics and embedded controllers.

  [url=""]KC4ZVW radio pages[/url]


--<br>David Billsbrough (KC4ZVW)  Chuluota, Florida  Grid Loc: EL98kp<br>Web: --- Blog:
Hello!  My name is Dave.  First licensed as WN0IZX 48 years ago.

I have been looking around for an interesting SDR or other project to get involved with, and am very excited to have discovered M17!  Ham radio hardware and software should be open source, full stop.  This has been a big gripe of mine since D-Star was first announced.  I am a big advocate of open hardware and open software.  (I think my first patch to an open source project was a contribution to flex, sometime in the early 80's.)

At this point, I am going to look around to see if there is something that looks like a useful way to contribute -- so far I haven't really spent any quality time poking through the repos.  My background: B.S. in Computer Engineering, M.S. Electrical Engineering.  My early professional career was as a CPU logic designer, but that was a while back.  The last CPU where I had any detail understanding of the internals was the Pentium II, which was a long time ago.  Since then I have done a lot of part-time contract work in embedded software (C for AVR's and STM32's), contract software development in Python, mostly for robotics, and a small amount of full-time employment doing embedded C and system level Python for robotics.  A lot of my work lately has been crafting internet protocol translators in Python.

In hobby time, I also do robotics, and dabble in 3D printing.  I have a Modix Big60 printer that currently has a jammed print head... I need to make time to fix that.  I am also a beginning hobby machinist, and have done a small amount of hobby-level injection molding.  My ham radio club is the Northern California Contest Club, which focuses on HF Radiosport.

Going way back to graduate school, I did some advanced course work in networking and error correcting codes -- but that was several years ago and a lot has been invented since then.  Anyway, I will probably get started by reading the M17 Protocol Spec.

73, Dave N6NZ
Hello, New here Smile, my name is Krzysztof
formerly LX1KP now SQ5PI, I live near Warsaw in Nowy Dwór. By proffesion I am embedded SW developer with some HW experience, looking forward do do some coding here.
Hi!  I'm Konrad.  I'm RF Test engineer by occupation and a ham for over 40 years.  I enjoy operating on VHF, UHF and Microwave bands. I love homebrewing radio gear.

73, Konrad 

My name is Faisal, and I have been licenced since 1995.

I am really interested in this project after listening to the Ham Radio Podcast episode on M17.

I can't wait to get started on building a couple TR-9s and start using this.

73 DE VA3SFA/W6 (Faisal)
Hi, my name is Robert, callsign HB9DNN. I have been licenced since 1991.
I live in a suburb of Basel, Switzerland.

Like all You guys I am thrilled by the idea of cranking up an open source (by all means) digital voice system for amateur radio. This is sorely missing. DMR and other proprietary systems, as nice they may be technically, are not what amateur radio is made of. Too many commercial (and legal) constraints IMHO. I have always been a militant evangelist for free (in terms of "free to use") so I am really excited about this aproach.

I am an electrical engineer by profession and have >25years of background in HW and SW development in fields like communication, medical and functional safety (railway). In the latter field I gained quite some experience in FPGA design, something which might be interesting in a future phase of this project.

So I am looking forward to watching this project evolve. If there is anything I can help, let me know.
In the mean time I will read all the specs and details to get accustomed with the project.

vy 73, Robert HB9DNN
Hello, I'am Joni oh5bzr from Finland. For creativety current standards and equipment's whit their licence restriction are really BAD thing. I'am very thrilled to see M17 project's victory, so I'am in and as soon possible I start to build - at best case can contribute. I'am Boat Manufacturing engineer and played whit software and hardware from 80' and got amateur licence long time ago. I'am not realy good at C,C++,assembler, linux,... even tough do things, but I can allawys share by good & bad ideas if someone listen.

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