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Hello I'm Hans
Radio amateru in France and Luxembourg, F4VSJ and LX2KW
Active on analogue networks with the svxlink protocoll, but very interrested howto realise something with the M17 project
Hello, I'm Alan VK2ZIW,
Amateur since 1972, after two years of uni, electronics tech with SSB and FM two-way radio.
Then electronics in early computers, PDP-11 etc. Z80 based systems etc. hardware service.
But, not afraid of driving the "C" compiler on Linux/Unix systems. Thanks to Linus T. for porting
to the 80386 small model (4Gb small), now Linux. I was and still am hooked.
I've been with amateur radio digital since NETROM and "Packet", limited by a VHF only callsign, on VHF FM.
I've contributed by software testing of the early WSPR and WSJT, compiling on various Linux flavours.
Currently running modified "FreeBeacon" from as "parrot" style repeater but looking forward to
putting a HF node on the M17 metwork.
Greeting All,
My name is Chris, I have no amateur radio experience but some basic IoT device experience. I'm currently taking online classes in python programming and IoT devices development. My end goals are related to amateur sports car endurance racing, races last from 7 to 24 hours, on tracks with laps that are between 2 and 4 miles in length. I'd like to build a system for communication between the car and crew. Ideally allowing voice communication and data to and from the car.

After some initial searching, the M17 project seems like a great fit to my use case. Voice and data on a single local network would be great.

All my skills are at the hobbyist level, but I'm competent with CAD/CAM, 3d printing, I have a benchtop CNC mill and am currently building a CNC lathe. I'd be happy to build speced devices and field test them as the project matures.

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